Kimono Photo

Stroll along the streets of Asakusa in a gorgeous Kimono and become part of the scenery!

Fee from: ¥3,000 -

Photo Session

Experience dressing in a full kimono or samurai set and taking a picture in them!

Fee from: ¥5,000 -

Samurai Training

Put on real samurai outfits and costume and practice how to use katana properly. 

Fee from: ¥9,980 -

Kawaii Geisha Night

See the unique mix of cuteness and Japanese tradition in the Oiran Night Show!

Fee from: ¥2,000 -

Geisha Boy

Men also can be a Geisha.

Experience a total make-up and coordination of a real Geisha!

Fee from: ¥35,000 -

Omotenashi Experience

Learn, practice and feel the Japanese culture through this course.


*Note: Prices vary according to the type of service.

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tel.: 03-5770-5131

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